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Popular Ruby on Rails based CMSs

Content management systems (CMS) are a rage today because they are easy to use and they allow users to manage their own content. PHP-based open source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are significant players in the market today.

CMSs based on Ruby on Rails are slowly catching up. The Rails framework renders robust tools to create basic apps with the functionality of content management systems.

Let’s look at some popular Ruby on Rails-based CMS.

Refinery CMS:

Refinery CMS is one of the most popular CMS that is based on Ruby on Rails 3.2. It is free and open source software. You can find many dedicated websites offering decent documentation and guides for a quick head start.

Refinery CMS gives you complete control over design, layout, and JavaScript through core extensions. The CMS architecture provides several advanced developer tools that help in adding or changing the functionality and look of frontend in an easy way.

By default, Refinery CMS offers a wide range of views to the frontend of the site. If you are not happy, you can customize the design and layout by simply overriding it. The Refinery CMS architecture offers easy ways to add extensions to manage different sections of your website.

The CMS is easy to install, and you can start posting your first page in just 5 minutes. The user interface is attractive and bright which attracts end users attention

Browser CMS:

Based on Ruby on Rails 3.2 framework, Browser CMS is the second most popular RoR CMS offering several features only found in commercial content management systems. The architecture of Browser CMS offers freedom of design. The user interface is easy to use, and a non-technical user can easily manage it.

Browser CMS offers several developer-friendly features such as templates with multiple editable areas and standard CRUD interface to manage different content types and core modules. The section based security feature in Browser CMS allows two levels of secured access- Public users and CMS users.

The Browser CMS supports page caching functionality that decreases server load. Direct in context editing feature allows users to browse the content and make changes on pages itself.

Locomotive CMS:

Locomotive CMS is a third popular CMS based on Ruby on Rails. The strength of Locomotive CMS is Wagon, a powerful command line tool that makes the development work easy. The CMS offers several developer-friendly features such as inline editing, easy multisite management, custom content types and Liquid templates.

Multisite handling is easy in Locomotive CMS. You just need to point the domain name to your Locomotive CMS server, there is no need to copy a file or set up a new database. The user interface of this CMS is beautiful and easy to work. You can add, edit content without disturbing the design.

The Aloha-editor makes things simpler. Just define the region you want to edit in template and edit the text directly in your browser. The CMS supports multiple languages that allow users to edit their sites in any language.

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