IoT in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry can leverage IoT for a number of functions including innovation, quality assessment and services. Allerin’s IoT solutions can provide assistance to your automotive business in carrying out these functions while keeping the customer satisfaction levels high and mighty.

IoT in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has the advantage of having direct contact with customers who fully embrace new technology and demand innovation. Hence, automotive manufacturers have to be updated with the latest technologies. Allerin uses innovative IoT automotive solutions to connect people, machines, vehicles, parts and services to streamline the flow of information, enable real time decisions and enhance automotive experiences. Most of the manufacturers have started to transform their business practices and have recognized that IoT automotive, in time, will touch nearly every area of operations and customer engagement.



IoT is going to be the driving engine of most of the innovation in the automotive sector in the next few years. New age sensors now can detect even the smallest shift in measurements and will be hugely responsible for tweaking out even the smallest of discrepancies in automotive designs. Fuel efficiency, engine and transmission design - the scope for innovation with the help of data provided by IoT devices is huge and is expected to create a great difference in the way people drive.

Production and Quality Assessment

Production and quality assessment is another area where IoT can help manufacturers a lot. IoT devices can help them optimize their processes and manage the quality of their products in a way that is efficient. They can help manufacturers check the longevity of parts and connect the parts easily. Tracking of inferior quality parts and sub-parts, and their replacement becomes better and more efficient.


IoT devices inside an automobile can help track down problems occurring in it, making it easier and quicker to find the solution to those problems. Data generated from such problem solving also helps the manufacturer by providing them a list of parts that require attention more than others. Manufacturers can hence identify the problems occurring in automobiles easily and provide better service to the customers.

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