Smart Robots

Smart robots are becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to improve operational efficiencies, optimize costs, and advance safety and injury prevention. However, adopting smart robotics can often be hindered by integration challenges, implementation complexities, and change management issues related to existing processes and human tasks.


At Allerin, we specialize in developing industry-specific solutions easily integrated into existing enterprise applications, workflows, processes, and other robot fleets. Our focus is on delivering diverse business value by generating compelling, industry-aligned differentiation that targets improvements in human-robot co-working, injury prevention and safety, and the reduction of human involvement.

With a track record of success in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, retail, energy and utilities, and healthcare, we can help your organization create a transformational journey from human-only operations to dynamic co-working environments between humans and robots.

Whether you are looking to invest in robotics solutions or are seeking to integrate smart robots into your business, Allerin can help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy that meets your organization's unique needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in smart robotics.

  • Integration complexities with existing industry-specific workflows and enterprise applications
  • Implementation complexities around preserving investments in existing infrastructure, human workspaces, and other robot installation
  • Managing the transition to a new robot-assisted process and change management/retraining for human workers

Overcoming these challenges is critical to drive the broader adoption of smart robots and to support the scalability of solutions within individual sites to multiple sites/countries. However, while Allerin acknowledges there is concentration in adoption patterns for smart robotic solutions, there is also a broad catalog of less prevalent use cases that demonstrate how smart robotics is extensible to a growing number of business challenges.


Optibotics® is a robotics framework designed specifically for businesses seeking to optimize their operations through smart robots. Our solution helps companies improve operational efficiencies, advance safety and injury prevention, and optimize costs.

One of the key challenges that organizations face when deploying and getting value from smart robotics is integration. Optibotics® addresses this challenge by providing seamless integration with relevant business applications and workflows, as well as integration with other robots or drones, and enabling human-robot co-working orchestration. Additionally, Optibotics® allows for customization around building and updating AI data models and integrating data flows from new sensors or cameras.

Smart robotics have the potential to revolutionize operations, but implementation challenges can stand in the way. That's why Optibotics® was created - it helps businesses break through barriers such as navigating complicated facility designs, working safely and efficiently in challenging environments, integrating multiple robots & drones from different providers all at once; even facilitating remote work during this pandemic-era!

Optibotics® also helps organizations manage the change management process, including reimagining workflows, retraining workers for more complex tasks, and developing appropriate environments for human-robot operations. By addressing these challenges, Optibotics® enables businesses to fully leverage the benefits of smart robotics and drive meaningful change within their organizations.

  • Improving operational efficiencies (including mitigating labor shortages)
  • Advancing safety and injury prevention
  • Cost Optimization
Industry Usecase
Healthcare Personal robots for telemedicine, patient monitoring, and medication delivery
Retail Light-cargo robots for delivery, inventory management, and order fulfillment
Manufacturing Warehouse picking robots, exoskeletons for assembly line work, and robotic maintenance
Construction Drones for surveying, mapping, and inspection
Transportation Autonomous ships and drones for cargo transport and delivery
Energy and Utilities Underwater drones for inspection and survey
Agriculture Drones for precision agriculture, including crop monitoring, irrigation, and pest control
Military UAS traffic management, drone countermeasures, and personal robots for bomb disposal and other hazardous tasks
Public Safety Drones for search and rescue, surveillance, and emergency response
Entertainment Drones for live event coverage, film production, and other creative uses
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