Machine Learning

Machine learning is an evolution that is transforming the way of doing business. At Allerin, we believe in staying a step ahead when dealing with technology. Backed by thorough research, Allerin, therefore brings you machine learning solutions that guide your business in learning from its experiences.


Machine learning is a unique way of training machines to learn on their own, thereby reducing human intervention to enhance the product. In this regard, Allerin commits to replacing errors with accuracy, offering solutions that make your machines learn faster and better.


Natural language processing

The increasing interaction between human language and machines has given rise to the field of Natural Language Processing. At Allerin, we understand the significance of gathering information through computer understanding and human language manipulation. It is with this understanding that we create natural language processing solutions for our clients. Allerin’s NLP solutions save you the time and effort of manually coding large set of rules for data analysis. Our solutions only get more accurate with the more you use them for analysis.

Machine perception

With advancements in both hardware and software, machines no longer take input from a narrow range of input devices. This is the age of sensory input, the ability of machines to acquire instructions in a human-like fashion. Allerin offers solutions that cater to various machine perception applications such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, facial recognition, aesthetic judgment, and much more.

Optimization and metaheuristics

The ability to supply the best solution for a customer demand is what sets you apart from your contenders. Machine learning offers you the power to select the best alternative for any given problem. Allerin infuses its products and services with algorithms of optimization and metaheuristics to give you the best and most accurate solution and is applicable in a variety of problems.

Recommendation system

Allerin creates recommendation systems that perfectly meet the unique requirements of your business. Recommendation systems designed by Allerin use an information filtering system to recommend only the most relevant options for your lines of business, tasks, processes or activities.

User behavior analytics

Protecting your business from potential threats is as important as investing in it for the growth. Your business activities can fall prey to accidental threats like fires or earthquakes, or intentional threats like financial frauds or hacking. Allerin, through its products and services, analyzes both user behavior, as well environmental behavior, by detecting meaningful anomalies.

Information retrieval

Searching for relevant information from a collection of information sources can be quite a daunting task. Allerin’s machine learning offerings make this effortless for you. Our products and services are fully capable of retrieving information for you from full text as well as through context-based indexing. Our automated information retrieval systems reduce the chances of information overloading from occurring.

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