Application development

Allerin specializes in applications that are tailor made to suit the requirements of your organization perfectly. We lay emphasis on the quality of the application we develop so that it can adapt well with your existing infrastructure while being scalable to future business growth.

Application Development

Be-spoke applications help cater to a business’s unique requirements. Allerin focuses on application and software product development that enables efficient business processes with the help of robust and scalable enterprise software and quality software product development

When should a business consider getting an application developed?

  • When you want the software to bring convenience to the way your business processes function and not vice versa
  • When you want to increase productivity and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks
  • When you want to be in control of changes to the application whenever you need it
  • When you want to integrate with other customized software in your application landscape
  • When you want to own the IP and differentiate from competition

Allerin thoroughly understands your business objectives, functionality requirements and tasks that are to be automated. Additionally, we bring in our expertise to suggest more efficient ways of automation, depending on your business needs, existing infrastructure and budget.

Allerin’s Application Development team’s approach and methodology is based on increasing process efficiency, flexibility and scalability with a strong emphasis on quality. Our offerings include:

Software Development

At Allerin, we develop software through an agile process of successive phases where we not only understand the requirements and create the program but also align to the business objectives. We understand the complexity of modern systems and have an orderly development process to simplify them for our clients.

Software Enhancement

Our decades of experience help us deliver dynamic changes in the shortest span of time possible. In order to help our clients keep pace with constantly changing business processes, we offer upgrades and develop enhancements even for legacy applications.

Consulting and Design

Allerin studies clients’ enterprise applications and their architecture and gives design solutions that help them achieve high performance and functionality. This gives our clients a sustained competitive advantage through dynamic market conditions.p>

Performance Engineering

Using performance engineering, Allerin is able to eliminate project failure and enhance performance by making sure that your application is effectively utilizing the underlying resources.


We have proven capabilities in the following technologies:







Deployment Platforms






Web Programming

Ruby on Rails


Application Frameworks




Google Web Toolkit


Front-end Development


Bootstrap/Responsive Web

CSS and JavaScript


Responsive UX Design

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