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Allerin is an International Software Development and Consulting Company having more than two decades of experience in solving complex and mission critical business problems. We design, develop, integrate and maintain business applications, demonstrate measurable value in terms of time-to-market, greater productivity and higher profitability. Allerin prides itself on being one of the best Ruby on Rails Development and Consulting Company in India and New York, USA and having highly skilled Ruby on Rails Developer Team.

Case Studies
  • passport application system

    Passport Application System

    A custom web based system developed for the Citizen Facilitation Centre, Passport Office, Navi Mumbai allowing them to streamline processing of online passport applications for verification purposes while allowing generation of required compliance reports. It dramatically increased the efficiency and speed at which citizen's applications were being handled compared to earlier manual system in place thereby raising the productivity scale of employees. Citizens can also view the current status of their application thereby increasing transparency.


  • information portal

    Information Portal For Law Enforcement Agency

    The Law Enforcement Agency required a web based application which would allow them to manage & process their sensitive details regarding places of interests, government buildings, religious places and social associations. The data was ever changing and thus the need to have an integrated solution that grow up to be full-fledged self service web based application with interactive content & live updates.


  • medical social networking application

    A Moment For Me - Medical Social Networking Application

    It is a social networking web application to connect the medical fraternity with their patients and the society as a whole. The platform allows the doctors, patients and the rest of the members to interact & exchange medical, health & advices for treatment and knowledge. Medical Social Networking web application allows the doctors to serve the people in need without geographical limitations.


  • WikiPedia Importer - A Ruby Application

    A one-off custom solution that has a single objective: capture, fetch & isolate data from wikidumps. Data dumps were automatically processed by the application and then isolated within an RDBMS. Given the volume and sheer amount of data available, the application required to read & parse data fast enough to keep up the pace while ensuring data was being isolated correctly every time.

    The application allowed rendering of the content into HTML or through simple SQL queries which allows clients to make use of the huge database to either present & make use of the data as a knowledge repository, auto content suggest or simple article generator. Multi lingual support added value to the product which allowed capture of dumps in foreign languages.


  • Rollover Sites - SEO Strategy Implementation in Ruby/Rails

    Search Engine Optimization is a fairly manual process that requires organizations to devote a separate department with additional resources that would manage their corporate website and ensure constant exposure to the search engines and the web. This out of the box solution allows organizations to automate a part of their SEO process thereby saving time and effort so that the resources can be more efficiently used.

    Website indexing is first major step towards effective optimizations & the application aids clients to get their large corporate websites get indexed in the major search engines quickly and more efficiently while making sure no duplicity occurs. It allows covering vast search engine real estate in a short span of time.



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    Performance issues: Rails Application Part-1(Frontend)

    Posted on September 26, 2014 by Anand A. Bait

    When we develop web applications like Ruby on Rails with rich web page designs, it means more scripts, stylesheets, images, and Flash in the page. Speed of application is inversely proportional to page load. More the page load, slower is the application. Front-end elements impart most of the page load. They increase the end-user response time. Most of this time is spent in downloading components like images, stylesheets, scripts, flash content, etc. These days to beautify pages more and more ...


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