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Allerin is a premier Ruby on Rails service provider; we are at the forefront of providing application development services for your business needs using Rails framework.

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Creating physiological and...

In any circumstances, our performance depends on our thoughts and feelings. Our thought and feelings will impact our physiological and emotional behavior. The way of thinking determines our behavior. For a better performance, we need to explore what we think and feel and convey the same. <strong>Connection between Heart and Brain</strong> As we all known, the heart is the source of emotion, strength, values and courage. The heart sends signals to the brain, and the mechanism of heart and ...

April 01, 2015 by Allerin



What does giving 100% efforts...

Minimal effort will lead to minimal results. Through the effort, we can get the real value of our work. Effort is something one can personally judge and giving energy all the time does not mean it will result in the desired outcomes. Effort is whatever an individual put into a task to complete and succeed to achieve the goal. In the software development, managers apply the simple rule of 80:20 for the straightforward results and getting the point in the right directions. 20% of effort give...

March 18, 2015 by Allerin