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Welcome to the world of Revenue Intelligence and Automation (RIA™) – an AI/ML powered platform developed by Allerin to revolutionize your sales automation process. Our innovative platform helps businesses improve their sales productivity by capturing seller activity, measuring pipeline health, and guiding sellers’ next steps. We understand the importance of a seller-centric approach, and that's why RIA™ is designed to cater to the needs of sellers, enabling them to achieve better sales outcomes.


RIA™ is a state-of-the-art platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of revenue intelligence and automation tools. Our platform is designed to help sales leaders and managers democratize data within their sales organizations, enabling them to prioritize vendor insights that surface within seller workflows. With RIA™, businesses can gain a competitive edge by improving CRM adoption rates and seller effectiveness.

RIA™ empowers sellers with the ultimate data-driven edge. Our AI-guided selling platform features three distinct versions – real time intervention, deal suggestions and action queue - allowing each business to maximize its potential by tapping into our powerful analytics tools without any additional BI or data science experience necessary. Unveil invaluable revenue intelligence insights catered towards your industry so you can discover success at every turn!

RIA Guides Selling Process

RIA Capabilities

RIA™ (Revenue Intelligence Automation) offers core and near-core capabilities to help sales teams improve performance and drive revenue growth. Here's a description of each ability:

Core Capabilities

Activity intelligence

Activity intelligence is a really cool capability that RIA™ offers. Basically, what it does is it detects and analyzes all the different ways that buyers are interacting with your organization outside of your main sales system. This includes things like emails, calendars, web meetings, and team collaboration tools.

RIA™ doesn't just collect this information for the sake of having it. It actually turns this information into useful insights that can help sellers and managers understand how buyers are engaging with the organization. This can help you figure out what's working well and what might need to be improved.

For example, let's say that RIA™ detects that a particular buyer has been interacting a lot with your organization via email but hasn't been attending many web meetings or collaborating with your team. This could be a signal that the buyer is interested in your product or service but hasn't entirely made the commitment to engage more fully. Armed with this insight, you might decide to reach out to the buyer and invite them to a web meeting to learn more about your offering.

AI-guided selling

Imagine having a personal assistant who could give you feedback on your sales efforts and tell you exactly what actions to take next to close deals faster. Well, with RIA™'s AI-guided selling capability, that's exactly what you get! This capability uses AI analysis of past performance to provide sellers with feedback and guidance on their deal-related efforts.

This means that sellers can focus their time and energy on the most promising deals and prioritize their actions based on data-driven insights. The result? Increased efficiency and effectiveness in sales efforts, leading to more closed deals and higher revenue. With RIA™'s AI-guided selling capability, sellers can work smarter, not harder, and achieve better results than ever before.

Opportunity health assessment

The Opportunity Health Assessment feature offered by RIA™ is designed to help sellers and managers gain insight into the overall health of specific deals. By analyzing activity information and other deal attributes, RIA™ can provide valuable insights into the risks and opportunities associated with a particular value. This information can help sellers and managers decide how to approach each option best and prioritize their efforts.

To provide an opportunity for health assessment, RIA™ leverages data from a variety of sources, including email, calendars, web meeting platforms, and team collaboration tools. This information is analyzed using AI algorithms to identify patterns and trends that may be indicative of a healthy or risky deal. RIA™ then combines this activity information with other deal attributes, such as deal stage, pipeline position, and close date, to provide a comprehensive view of the opportunity. This enables sellers and managers to quickly identify any red flags or potential roadblocks that may be hindering the success of the deal.

The benefits of the Opportunity Health Assessment feature are numerous. First and foremost, it provides sellers and managers with valuable insights into the overall health of a deal. This information can identify risks and opportunities associated with specific values, allowing sellers and managers to make informed decisions about how to approach each opportunity best. Additionally, by providing a comprehensive view of the opportunity, RIA™ enables sellers and managers to quickly identify any potential roadblocks hindering the deal's success, allowing them to take action to mitigate these risks. Overall, the Opportunity Health Assessment feature helps sellers and managers be more strategic in their approach to deals, leading to increased efficiency and, ultimately, improved sales performance.

Pipeline analytics

Pipeline analytics is a powerful capability offered by RIA™ that helps sales managers gain a deeper understanding of their team's pipelines. Unlike the limited insights available through native SFA applications, pipeline analytics offers a comprehensive view incorporating activity intelligence and opportunity health assessment outcomes. This means that sales managers can quickly and easily identify risks and opportunities at the deal level, enabling them to make informed decisions and take proactive action to close more deals.

Essentially, it takes a data-driven approach to sales pipeline management. By analyzing buyer interactions across multiple systems and combining that information with other deal attributes, pipeline analytics can generate a more accurate and nuanced picture of the sales pipeline. This information is then presented intuitively and user-friendly, allowing sales managers to quickly identify areas of opportunity and potential challenges.

The benefits of pipeline analytics are numerous. By providing a more comprehensive view of the sales pipeline, RIA™ enables sales managers to make better decisions about resource allocation and deal prioritization. This, in turn, can help sales teams be more efficient and effective, ultimately leading to increased revenue and more significant business success. Additionally, pipeline analytics can help organizations identify areas where they need to invest in training or process improvements, allowing them to refine and improve their sales approach continuously.

Forecast prediction

By using augmented analytics, this feature offers an AI-driven predictive forecast recommendation at multiple levels of the sales hierarchy, helping sellers identify deals that are likely to close in a given period.

This works by analyzing data on past sales performance and current deals in the pipeline to provide an accurate forecast of future sales. This is done through a combination of machine learning algorithms and data analysis, which takes into account various factors such as the deal size, stage of the sales cycle, and historical win rates. The resulting forecast gives sellers a clear view of which deals they should focus on, helping them prioritize their time and resources more effectively.

The benefits of Forecast prediction are numerous. This feature gives sellers greater visibility into their sales pipeline, allowing them to make more informed decisions about allocating their resources. By identifying deals likely to close in a given period, sellers can focus on those opportunities, increasing their chances of success. This, in turn, leads to increased revenue and profitability for the organization. Additionally, Forecast prediction provides managers with valuable insights into their team's sales performance, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales process.

Near-Core Capabilities

RIA™ stands out among other revenue intelligence vendors with its near-core capabilities. Offering a unique combination of features will become increasingly important in the future. From comprehensive data analysis to advanced reporting metrics—RIA™ has you covered!

SFA data capture

RIA™ enables sales teams to stay organized and strategic when engaging potential customers. With SFA data capture, every interaction is conveniently documented for easy retrieval later on – from account details to contacts, activities and beyond! This information can then be used as part of comprehensive lead follow-up or opportunity management strategies.

RIA™ captures data from various sources and automatically logs it in the SFA application. This includes details about customer interactions such as emails, calls, meetings, and notes. The captured data is associated with the relevant account, contact, lead, or opportunity in the system, allowing sales teams to view their interactions with customers comprehensively.

The benefit of this feature is that it provides a centralized location for all customer and prospect interactions, making it easier for sales teams to manage their pipelines and track the progress of deals. By having a comprehensive view of all activities and interactions with customers, sales teams can identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling and potential areas for improvement in their sales process. Additionally, this feature can help sales managers monitor the activities of their team members and provide feedback or coaching where needed.

Prospect intelligence

Prospect Intelligence is a powerful tool that helps marketing and sales development teams by providing lead data enrichment, AI lead scoring, and prescriptive nurturing guidance. It helps identify promising leads and provides guidance on how to engage with them.

Prospect Intelligence leverages artificial intelligence and data augmentation to swiftly assemble key details about potential customers. Job titles, company sizes, industries – nothing is left uncovered by their automated research process. All of this valuable information then feeds into a lead scoring system that evaluates each prospect's likelihood to convert them from leads into paying clients - enabling sales teams to determine which prospects are the most likely successes so they can concentrate their efforts on the most fruitful opportunities available!

With Prospect Intelligence, sales teams can identify and engage with leads that are most likely to convert into customers. The AI-driven lead scoring helps prioritize leads, which saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on unqualified leads. The prescriptive nurturing guidance provided by the tool helps sales teams engage with leads in a more targeted and effective way, ultimately leading to better conversion rates and increased revenue. Additionally, the data enrichment feature ensures that the lead information is accurate and up-to-date, giving sales teams the information they need to make informed decisions.

Conversation intelligence

RIA™'s Conversation Intelligence is the ultimate tool for sales teams looking to up their game and create meaningful buyer relationships. Combining AI technology with an analysis of conversations, RIA™ helps sellers ask smart questions, understand customer needs more effectively, and ultimately bring in higher numbers when closing deals. With this powerful feature at hand, teams can leverage insights into conversation data to close better deals faster than ever before!

Conversation Intelligence analyzes conversations between buyers and sellers and uses AI to identify critical moments and themes. RIA™ can detect things like the tone of the discussion, the keywords being used, and the buyer's sentiment. This information is then used to provide insights and recommendations to help sales teams improve their conversations with buyers.

The benefits of Conversation Intelligence are numerous. By helping sales teams improve their interactions with buyers, this feature can help increase win rates and revenue growth. It can also help sellers better understand their buyers' needs, resulting in more successful sales and stronger customer relationships. Additionally, Conversation Intelligence can help sales managers identify coaching opportunities and improve team performance. Overall, this feature can significantly impact the success of a sales team and the organization as a whole.

Emotion intelligence

With RIA™, sales teams have a powerful advantage in their customer interactions - the ability to use emotion intelligence. By leveraging AI to analyze text, audio and video conversations with customers, this cutting-edge technology provides insights into the health of relationships as well as how successful each seller/buyer interaction has been. Armed with strategic emotional data, companies can make better decisions that cater specifically to their clientele's needs.

Emotion intelligence uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify emotional cues such as tone, word choice, and facial expressions. These cues are then analyzed to provide insight into the overall emotional state of the customer or the success of the interaction. The information can be presented in an easy-to-read format that helps sales teams quickly understand how their customers are feeling and respond accordingly.

The benefits of emotion intelligence are many. By understanding the emotions of their customers, sales teams can better anticipate their needs and tailor communication strategies to meet those needs. This can help build stronger relationships, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive sales growth. Additionally, by analyzing the emotional success of seller/buyer interactions, sales teams can identify areas for improvement and adjust their strategies to improve overall performance. Emotion intelligence is a powerful tool that can help sales teams stay ahead of the competition and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Guided selling task queue

The Guided selling task queue feature of RIA™ provides sellers with an easy-to-use and consolidated list of tasks that need to be completed based on AI analysis of buyer interactions and other deal signals. This means that sales teams don't have to spend hours sorting through data to determine what their next steps should be. The AI does the heavy lifting, sorting through the data to determine the most important tasks.

This groundbreaking feature revolutionizes the way sales teams handle their deals. By analyzing a wealth of data, it expertly prioritizes tasks that need to be completed – from buyer engagement and opportunity health to historical performance – allowing salespeople to make sure they focus on the most important items first for maximum efficiency. With this system in place, sales can finally enjoy peace of mind knowing nothing has been overlooked!

The benefits of the Guided selling task queue are clear. Providing sales teams with a prioritized list of tasks, helps them focus on what matters most and avoid wasting time on less important tasks. This leads to increased productivity and better results. With AI doing the heavy lifting, sales teams can spend more time engaging with buyers and less time sorting through data. This results in a more efficient and effective sales process, which can ultimately lead to increased revenue and growth for the business.

Deal collaboration

The Deal Collaboration feature provides an innovative way for sales and support teams to collaborate from anywhere. Working remotely no longer has to stand in the way of closing deals quickly, thanks to this revolutionary tool that allows members of both departments easily share information about a given deal and work together towards its successful completion.

Deal collaboration provides a valuable opportunity for teams to come together and work more cohesively. This is especially useful when managing intricate deals, where input from multiple experts may be required. Not only can team members easily share information online in real-time, they have the added advantage of being able to chat or video call each other whenever necessary - allowing them to stay connected while advancing towards their shared goals.

The benefits of deal collaboration are numerous. First and foremost, it helps to increase the efficiency and speed of deal closure. When team members can collaborate in real-time, they can work together more efficiently, which can help to close deals faster. Additionally, deal collaboration can help to improve communication between team members, which can help to reduce misunderstandings and errors. Finally, this feature can help to improve the overall customer experience by ensuring that team members are working together to meet the needs of the customer.

Forecast capture and audit

The "Forecast capture and audit" feature is a powerful tool that allows managers and leaders to submit a detailed sales forecast that spans different levels of the sales hierarchy. This feature provides a more comprehensive view of the sales pipeline, including audit and analytics capabilities that go beyond what's available in native sales force automation applications (SFA).

Using this feature is easy - managers and leaders simply submit their sales forecasts periodically, which are then captured and analyzed by RIA™. The AI-powered tool provides a detailed view of the sales pipeline, identifying risks and opportunities, and enabling sales teams to make more informed decisions about their sales strategies.

Managers and leaders can gain a more accurate understanding of their team's sales pipeline, allowing them to make more informed decisions about resource allocation, budgeting, and goal-setting. The audit capabilities of RIA™ help ensure that sales forecasts are accurate and that sales teams are on track to meet their targets. Additionally, the analytics capabilities provide insights into the health of the sales pipeline, helping sales teams make data-driven decisions that improve sales performance.

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