IoT as a Service

It is not always easy to adopt a new technology and deploy it with complete perfection. Allerin assists you with this process by providing information at every step and enabling complete adoption of IoT technology in your enterprise.

IoT as a Service

The Internet of Things provide a great opportunity for businesses to capture the market by adding value to customer choices. The number of connected devices has been growing exponentially and is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020. Businesses require better frameworks to adopt to this rise. Allerin’s IoT as a service facilitates your business to adopt IoT technology and deploy it in the shortest time possible. It provides a common infrastructure to obtain value from industrial topologies, enables uniform communication, security, analytics and management layers for heterogeneous IoT topologies. By using IoT as a service, you enrich your products to maintain connectivity, transmit data and manage them diligently.


Plug-and-play Protocol

Plug-and-play protocol enables IoT devices to receive data from smart devices using protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, etc. When a user plugs a device into the network, the device will acquire a TCP/IP address and notify the server about its presence. A uniform layer is provided for devices to plug to the platform.

Event Processing

Massive amounts of situation-aware sensors and devices are embedded in IoT environments, which produce large amounts of data continuously. Processing this data requires complex event processing platforms. Allerin provides you with a framework that processes each query against real time data streams.

Cloud Storage

We provide cloud storage to store the data produced by IoT devices and the CEP engine for future processing. The cloud might be the only way to resolve the problems associated with the requirement to build two separate infrastructures to deal with storage, access and management of the data collected by IoT.

Scenario Testing

Scenario testing allows better integration into standard software development resulting in more robust applications. It is therefore necessary that scenario testing is done according to the best practices available. Allerin’s framework provides this advantage by replaying events already processed by the CEP engine with the help of complex event processing platforms and dynamic programming languages. It recreates and tests scenarios based on historical data processed by the platform and dynamically detects Boolean conditions about the data produced by IoT devices.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics has rapidly became mainstream and is being seen as a requirement for organizations to become successful with IoT projects. Our framework provides model analytics and reports based on data produced by your IoT devices with the help of latest technologies available. It enables you to have real time intelligence against the data processed by the IoT platform.


As we know, the number IoT devices is growing and expected to cross all expected figures, security of critical and personal data becomes a big issue. Allerin’s IoT framework encrypts and signs the data produced by your devices with the help of traditional data security libraries. It helps to prevent the unauthorized exchange of data between smart devices and systems.

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