IoT Service Provider

Everyone has different needs and often a generic solution does not apply to all. Whether your enterprise is new to IoT or you are looking to leverage this technology further, Allerin provides you with customized solutions for the effective adoption of IoT.

IoT Service Provider

Allerin offers various IoT solutions to developers as well as enterprise solutions to customize and integrate IoT to the organization’s infrastructure. For enterprises that have just begun their foray into IoT, Allerin provides end-to-end solutions to design, implement, secure, analyze data and enable decision support across the IoT infrastructure. Allerin not only serves large organizations looking for rapid development of new ideas and products but also small, service or device focused businesses that recognize the need to create connected environments and products.


Designing the IoT Solution

At the beginning of any IoT or M2M project, it is important to identify the goals of the business and the key drivers for choosing to implement this technology solution. During the design phase, we analyze the customer’s internal Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) landscape. We also ascertain the client’s end state, including goals, key performance indicators, system capacity, minimum performance parameters, interface requirements, data capture points and other required features.

We then document the complete definition, architecture, design, and plan of the IoT platform, solution or product that fits the client’s needs.


Using Allerin’s flexible IoT framework, we develop, test and deploy the IoT product. Our preferred deployment method is the agile methodology, which allows us to provide organizations with draft iterations so that enterprises can get a feel of how the solution will eventually work. Based on feedback from key stakeholders, we fine-tune the solution to our clients’ exact needs.

Clients are able to see and test from the following key features, among others:

  • end-to-end transaction flow from the cloud to the enterprise to the IoT device
  • settings and configurations
  • interfaces to ERP and CRM systems
  • workflows
  • user experience and user interface
  • alerts and notifications
  • reports generated
  • dashboards
  • IT/OT integration


IoT security starts right from protecting the privacy of customers’ data being generated through the device using device authentication to protection of data while in transit to the enterprise system using wireless communication. Our IoT solutions include alerts and notifications to address threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. We recognize that management responsibility for the various processes and devices within an IoT system may be varied and, therefore, provide flexible roles, responsibilities and workflows to address these variable circumstances.


Once the IoT system has been implemented, Allerin provides support to ensure:

  • backup and continuity
  • managing system uptime
  • scaling up and scaling down of the solution
  • device software updates and upgrades
  • problems are forecasted before they happen, using historical data analysis
  • system diagnostics
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