IoT Integration

Allerin provides you with cutting edge technology to integrate your connected devices and computing systems across IT and OT. Our technologies help you integrate your strategies with the existing landscape to find better results that align with your business goals.

IoT Integration

Today’s organization operates with data and business logic flowing in within the enterprise, in the cloud and at customer touchpoints using devices at the edge of the network. These devices often leave the organizational boundaries with new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating IoT devices with traditionally owned and cloud based enterprise data is becoming increasingly important for organizations to make sound business decisions. Allerin provides IoT platform integration services to connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data.


Connecting Current Systems to IoT Devices

Intelligent enterprises are redefining their product offerings and customer experiences using IoT platform devices. From devices that stay on the edge of the enterprise – such as point-of-sale (POS) system and retail sensors – to devices that follow the customer home – such as medical devices and wearables – Allerin can connect everything into one giant Integration of Everything (IoE). With such deep integration, companies can mine into the big data generated to understand customer preferences and alter product features or service delivery efficiently.

Customized IoT Solutions

Allerin’s IoT framework is available to developers to build innumerable IoT platform based solutions. Using this flexible and scalable framework, Allerin can create customized solutions for an organization’s precise needs. Allerin’s customized solutions, based on our very own IoT framework reduces implementation risks and costs, and shortens time-to-market for IoT platform products.

IT/OT Convergence

Allerin aims to bridge the technology misalignment between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) by providing solutions that integrate OT devices with an organization’s IT infrastructure. With the increasing commonalities in communication protocols, operating systems and event-driven architectures, the historical barriers to IO/OT convergence are now dissipating. Allerin’s solutions for IT/OT convergence enable companies to:

  • reduce costs by being able to apply similar technology, standards, governance and controls for IT and OT,
  • address security risks more effectively due to the integrated approach, and
  • reduce time to market by shortening the time taken from design to manufacture of a product.
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