IoT Assessment Framework


With the Internet of Things being a trending hot topic around the world, organisations are lining up to be in the IoT club. However, there are many doubts and variables to be ironed out before you even begin planning. Questions that businesses frequently find themselves asking include:

  • Do I need IoT?
  • How should I fulfil this need?
  • How will it help me?
  • Who else in my industry is using it?
  • Does it have a good ROI?
  • Should my focus be external or internal?
  • Will I need to change my existing processes?
  • How will I integrate with my current landscape?
  • What will be the security implications for my organization and our customers?
  • How will my business be impacted due to the rapid evolution of this technology?

For a successful IoT implementation, the answers to these questions are necessary in order to build a clear goal, vision and long-term roadmap.

Allerin's IoT Assessment Questionnaire will help you identify the right questions in your quest to find the right answers for your organization's IoT journey. After you complete the IoT Assessment Questionnaire, Allerin can also help you build a customized IoT implementation plan for your business.

Click here to do your IoT assessment and download free e-book.

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