Implementation of Digital Business

You cannot be a follower of trends when you get into Digital Business. The key to remain a step ahead of others is to be advanced and have a digital strategy that is different from your competitors. Allerin provides your business with the right kind of technology to deal with the growing competition and take your business to new heights of success, defining the rules of the business.

Implementation of Digital Business

Digital business is disruptive and you have to be a trend setter, have a unique digital strategy, not a followed, if you don’t want to be left behind. The face and nature of a business’s competition is nothing close to what it used to be traditionally. Today, most of the market disrupters and success stories come from technology startups. What these successes underline is the ability to manage better customer engagement just by cleverly managing flexible and cost-effective technologies. A Digital strategy puts your customer and technology at the center of all your IT operations. Do you have the right technology to make this happen?


Web design and development

Allerin provides you web solutions that ensure a holistic and seamless customer experience while making your website the central hub for conversations with your customers. Such an integrated web platform for customer engagement can help maximize your ROI in products, services, marketing, people, technology and IT operations. Allerin designs and develops websites and related applications using the right content and an intuitive user experience.

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Mobile Application Development

Increasing dependency on mobiles have led to the Internet of Me. Customers are expecting everything to be customized specially for them. This has led to a number of different disruptions, such as:

  • introducing new products and services as piggybacks on other popular mobile apps,
  • mobile wallets,
  • near field communication to present offers to consumers based on their location.

What’s more, processes are also being optimized and costs are being significantly reduced by mobile technologies, such as:

  • delivering personalized training content to field staff to expedite learning and drive sales
  • remote monitoring of field staff based on their location
  • optimized routing and re-routing of vehicles based on distance, traffic and new stopping stations.

Allerin develops mobile applications keeping in mind the goals of your digital business.

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Big Data and Analytics

Recent studies show that analytics has now crossed mobile and cloud technology to become the most critical digital technology. Analytics becomes even more important for a digital business, because digital businesses run on data and digital strategy. Using big data analytics, your digital business can increase sales and reduce costs by:

  • understanding customer preferences and tailoring products and services accordingly
  • streamlining business processes by identifying points of inefficiencies
  • spotting trends and issues and taking faster action
  • making quicker and better decisions due to the timely delivery of meaningful data

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Cloud Management and Modernization

Drive better decisions regarding cloud services and deployment models and make smart choices for your enterprise. Allerin’s Cloud Management and Modernization Services help you achieve faster results by scaling IT resources quickly and affordably. By integrating on-premise and cloud systems seamlessly, Allerin allows you to be a holistic digital business. By changing your architecture to suit the digital business scenario, your organization becomes more flexible to move processes and technology in or out of the cloud in a fast, efficient and non-disruptive manner. Allerin’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering enables flexibility at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our off-premise hosted cloud offerings ensure scalable, reliable, high performance and secure storage and computing infrastructure on a subscription basis.

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