Smart Parking

Allerin specializes in information technologies that are at the core of smart cities from smart parking to touchless kiosks. We provide integrated solutions in artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT to enable organizations and governments to efficiently develop an information infrastructure that enables a people-centric governance model.

Smart Parking

Finding parking space, managing parking lots, and enabling cashless parking transactions continue to be challenging for all stakeholders – users, private organizations, and government bodies. Allerin's smart parking solutions ensure that parking procedures are made quick and convenient with the use of real-time vehicular parking data. Smart parking solutions not only improve current parking spaces but also enable governments in planning future parking spaces and other components of the smart city.

Allerin's smart parking solutions can be implemented to streamline end-to-end parking procedures. Smart camera systems can be deployed to guide vehicles to empty parking spaces with the shortest route. This can help reduce congestion and help utilize your parking space real-estate to the maximum potential. Similarly, the billing process can be automated by identifying vehicles using license plate verification with smart camera systems. Thus, smart parking systems make the parking process convenient for the user with faster billing, quick parking, and easy entry and exit of vehicles from the parking space.



Allerin's smart parking solutions are customizable. So whether your requirements are for a parking lot that deals with a few hundred vehicles or sees an inflow of thousands on a daily basis, we can customize solutions that better align with your needs. Our solutions can be integrated into existing infrastructure, or you can have a completely new model deployed at your parking lot.

Streamlined parking procedures

Allerin’s smart parking solutions help streamline parking procedures by providing a wide variety of data in real-time. Get information about vacant parking spots, the number of vehicles parked, and the number of vehicles expected based on previous data to efficiently manage your parking real-estate. With the integration of digital touchless payment solutions, ensure that parking procedures are without any stoppages. Smart parking systems also help to eliminate the dependence on human resources while improving the efficiency of parking spaces.

Smart parking advantages:

  • Reduce congestion by efficiently allocating parking spaces to vehicles automatically
  • Provide convenience to users through faster billing and parking methods
  • Get oversight with data to efficiently plan future parking spaces.

Go beyond parking

Smart parking systems capture a variety of data in real-time. This data not only provides useful insights that help streamline processes but can also be used for secondary activities. For instance, by analyzing data such as the car model of the individual, targeted ads can be displayed when the individual checks in the parking lot that aligns with the taste and preferences of the individual. Thus, smart parking solutions can also turn into a great advertising and marketing medium.

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