AI-Driven Touchless Kiosks

Allerin specializes in information technologies that are at the core of smart cities from smart parking to touchless kiosks. We provide integrated solutions in artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT to enable organizations and governments to efficiently develop an information infrastructure that enables a people-centric governance model.

AI-Driven Touchless Kiosks

Since they've been in existence, kiosks haven't gone through any major transformation. They still rely on a touch input from the user to cary out intended actions. However, touchscreen technology might not be useful for individuals who have a high regard for hygiene or those with certain physical disabilities. Similarly, people might not be acquainted with the language used by a kiosk, preventing them from using the kiosk. AI-driven touchless kiosks are set to transform the domain with the integration of voice and gesture-control interfaces, by understanding nuanced user requirements and adding a human touch that was hitherto missing.

Gesture user interface (GUI) of touchless kiosks enables customers to interact with the kiosk and carry out tasks without the need for physically touching them. Thus, touchless kiosks help reduce the spread of communicable infections and diseases as it eliminates the need for contact. As kiosks are used by a large number of people, a touchscreen kiosk increases the chances of spread of such diseases.

Additionally, touchless kiosks with a voice user interface (VUI) can be easily used through voice commands by people with disabilities or those speaking other languages. Such kiosks can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to easily understand user's queries, even nuanced speeches, and provide information to the user in a more organic manner. VUI is also beneficial for serving diverse customers who speak different languages. As the kiosk can easily understand multiple languages, it can prove useful to a large number of individuals from different parts of the world.

Both VUI and GCI can enable kiosks carry out tasks with enhanced accuracy and efficiency while serving a large number of customers with an engaging and interactive user experience.

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