IoT Framework

The Internet of Things needs a robust framework to function. Allerin provides your business with a solid framework that helps in supporting the interaction between connected devices and also allows for more complex structures such as distributed computing and applications.

IoT Framework

Allerin’s IoT framework facilitates vendors to adopt emerging IoT technology and deploy it in the shortest time possible. With the help of Allerin’s IoT framework, vendors will be able to decrease the time it takes to develop products and services based on the Internet of Things. Allerin’s IoT framework enriches products based on it to discover other devices, maintain connectivity, transmit data and manage that data intelligently. The IoT framework by Allerin is built upon a secure foundation where security, identity and data permissions are given top priority.

Allerin’s framework reduces the overall time to build IoT-enabled products by accelerating the development cycle which in turn reduces the time required to deploy the product and helps stimulate innovation.


Business Intelligence

Allerin’s IoT framework will enable product vendors to greatly expand their capabilities and deal with the surplus amount of data which will be made available for analysis using IoT. This data can be used for varied organisations. The framework will allow companies to overcome significant barriers and realise benefits of big data.

Information Security

Allerin understands the need for data and information security and takes appropriate measures to integrate it in its framework. The framework will allow vendors to manage security between interconnected devices in a hassle free manner. The security measures implemented in the framework utilises the best practises in the industry, thus allowing devices built on the framework to protect themselves against common exploits.

UI/UX Design

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices become ubiquitous, the problems that most product vendors will face is of a UI/UX design. Many of the IoT devices will lack screen or will not be used as frequently as other devices. This will present designers and vendors with a design challenge. Allerin understands the diversity that the IoT devices will come with and owing to that has integrated UI elements in the framework. This will allow vendors to customise and build frameworks that will cater to their specific device and audience. The design element of the framework will help vendors and designers synchronise data and notifications across devices, which will help the user understand if the devices are communicating with each other.

Mobile Integration

Integration of IoT devices into Mobile is necessary as Mobile is one of the most progressive channels that excites businesses and consumers alike. Allerin’s framework is well equipped to provide mobile integration, allowing vendors to make the devices more elegant and provide a centralised source of control to consumers. The framework will enable the vendor to streamline their different systems using mobile integration. The Mobile integration built into the framework will allow vendors to use mobiles GPS and geotagging for location based services along with other services that might not be built into the IoT devices intrinsically.

Embedded Systems

IoT devices require a rich set of wireless connectivity options along with network protocols to function optimally. Allerin’s framework supports embedded systems where microcontroller or microprocessor are in place to execute certain dedicated tasks and forms a part of a larger system. These could be anything from an HVAC system to a system meant for managing engines or devices with general purpose MCUs. The framework helps vendor deliver feature-rich products with that are reliable, secure and resource effective. The frameworks empower software and device vendors to deliver IoT-enabled products in a safe, secure and elegant fashion.

Networking and Communication

The communication technology that you choose for the IoT-enabled device will have a direct impact on the device’s requirement and cost. As the market matures there will be a need for varied IoT devices, competing at different price points. Allerin’s framework is meant to help build IoT devices that can be deployed in different industries and in varied ways. The framework is built to incorporate a wide variety of disparate communication technologies as no single networking technology can cover it all. From IoT devices that can be used in clothing to devices that will be used in houses, factories or in wearables, the framework will be used to build products that can be deployed in varied scenarios and markets.

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