Operational Effectiveness Assessment

Many companies today are going digital, which is a very wise move. But before you enter digital business scenario, you need evaluate your business and need to know where do you need to be in order to successfully evolve into a digital business. Allerin helps you fill the gaps in your services and reach the level where you can easily transform into a digital business.


How ready is your organization to dive into the world of digital business? Your customers’ experiences have to be seamless, irrespective of which channel they use to connect with you or whether they are online or offline. Your operational processes have to have little or no lag during transitions between teams, departments, tasks or decisions. Your employees have to be able to visualize data to make quicker and better decisions. Allerin can help you gauge the distance between where you stand today digitally to where you need to be to achieve maximum operational efficiency with the help of a strong customer experience strategy.

Customer Engagement

The customer is the biggest reason for companies to go completely digital. This is because customers have become digital. They use digital platforms in a fluid manner and are expecting businesses to do the same. They want to buy products, maintain them and provide feedback easier and faster. If you’re in a B2C business, they even want it to be a more fun experience.

Allerin assesses whether your digital business is effectively using all possible channels to engage with your customer and validates your customer experience strategy, plans and key metrics

Employee Empowerment

Are you collecting all the data relevant to your business being generated on your enterprise systems, social media, mobile services and cloud services? Are you using big data frameworks to put this data into perspective by identifying trends and giving key insights? Are your employees able to view these insights to make new and improved decisions relevant to their role?

Allerin assesses the effect that digitizing your business has had on employee decision making. This has a direct impact on a business’s time-to-market.

Process Optimization

With multiple Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems running within an organization, the time taken for information generated by a process to be analyzed for decision making is unnecessarily large. Using a digitized value chain and a customer experience strategy, organizations can reduce the time taken to complete tasks, reduce costs due to time and resource wastage, make faster and better decisions, optimize inventory, leverage on customer service opportunities and so much more.

Allerin assesses and validates your digital business process transformation plans and strategies by suggesting more optimum resources, interdependencies, interfaces and methods of digitizing.

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