Front-end Development

Your application’s front end has to be uniform and run across all browsers, operating systems and platforms. Allerin helps you to develop your front end interface so that all users of your application can access it from anywhere and on any type of device.

Front-end Development

The online place is in a state of constant flux. To make a web and mobile application perform in a uniform manner, it has to work efficiently across all browsers, operating systems, different screen sizes and layout engines. Allerin addresses these challenges with front end web development by optimising the applications across different platforms available in the market. These applications are designed to take all accessibility and usability issues into consideration.

At its core, Allerin is all about addressing challenges and delivering long term solutions. Allerin goes beyond the norm to deliver a responsive and platform independent product, capable of catering to the specific needs and intuitions of the end user in the most apt manner.

Visual Design

For your web and mobile applications to deliver the intended message, it needs to be beautifully designed as well as practical. Allerin’s front end web development delivers this by striking the right balance between aesthetics and usability, giving your application the right set of functionalities to help it accomplish the task it was conceived for.


It is very important for the user interface design to have elements of predictability as well as easy accessibility. Allerin understands the importance of the end user having more control over the overall interaction and hence keeps the narrative simple yet efficient.


For web and mobile applications, response time is the ultimate measure of their efficiency. Allerin engineers front end web development for desktop and mobile applications to perform at utmost efficiency by being resource effective. This leads to the development of web and mobile applications with swift response times.

Harmonisation across devices

Allerin understands the need for cross platform synchronisation to enable uniformity of user experience across all devices. Allerin puts special emphasis on devices working in harmony with each other to establish a true cross platform experience.

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