Usability Reviews and Testing

Allerin offers various tools to conduct usability and user interface tests so that you can provide the best product experience to your customers. This process gives you much needed insights into the intended user experience.

Usability Reviews and Testing

When you are catering to a wide audience, it becomes extremely important, and difficult, to predict the experience to provide to your users. User analysis and research enables us to enhance pre-existing solutions or analyse prototyped products by conducting usability evaluations and user interface testing on a number of sources.

User interface testing and reviews enable you to run your product on an experimental basis to a small subset of your user base. Feedback received from these users give you vital insights on the intended versus actual user experience. In order to deliver a more pleasurable usability experience, Allerin evaluates solutions for compliance with industry best practices and widely acclaimed heuristics.


User Testing

We work with focus groups to hear the opinion of buyers and users of a product. Their ideas for potential improvements to current usability are a driving factor to enhancing the product’s user experience. Focus group discussions include:

  • Users answering questionnaires with usability preferences
  • Onsite usability sessions to gauge user comfort and the time taken to find what the user is looking for
  • Analysis of the video and audio recordings of these sessions using heuristics that include parameters such as group interaction, eye tracking, research on usability, usefulness, aesthetics effectiveness and efficiency.

Design Specifications

Based on the user testing and review, Allerin provides a detailed report with observations, inferences and recommended enhancements to be made to the design of the product. These recommendations are specific so that you can implement changes right away.

Design Audits

For existing systems, design audits tell you the level of maturity of the usability of your product based on expert opinions, practical experience and heuristics. Allerin provides a recommendation report to gather and present our findings of your product’s user experience. A design audit helps you decide whether your product’s design needs to be altered for greater user engagement and/or higher sales.

Putting the user in the forefront of the design decision-making process gets your product greater visibility, better reachability and allows you to offer better service delivery. With customer experience set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, regular user interface testing and reviews must become top priority for every organization.

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