Test Automation

Allerin’s automated testing techniques can help your business by reducing the time taken to test the different parts of your application product. Our cutting edge testing strategies help you deliver the best product to your customers without any defects or bugs.

Test Automation

Allerin uses automated testing techniques to reduce manual testing and accelerate the testing process. Using test automation, Allerin is able to reduce the time taken to test a business process and provide quality automation. Our testing strategy cleverly combines functional and structural testing during the entire product lifecycle and automated testing at the end of the software development lifecycle to create a defect-free product and reduce its total cost of ownership.

The benefits of test automation include:

  • Automates the testing and thus reduces time
  • Helps clients get better ROI on their products
  • Allows easy migration


Selenium is a robust web application testing framework. Selenium’s open source licensing and its support for multiple browsers, languages, and platforms make It the core engine for various browser automation tools. Allerin has extensive experience with Selenium test automation services.


Allerin provides Windmill automation, which is based on open source licensing. Using Windmill test automation, Allerin is able to help its clients with projects requiring rapid release cycles. Windmill supports a wide variety of web browsers that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


Allerin utilises SoapUI testing scripts to test the underlying service oriented architecture and representational state transfers. This allows Allerin to inspect the web services and its functionality.


Tellurium is used for web applications and has an open source licence. Allerin has extensive and in-depth experience of this automation tool and uses it to test web applications.

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