Application Security Testing

The assessment of security is one of the most important stages of application development. Allerin provides you with robust and agile security assessment tools to identify and rectify vulnerabilities before delivering the final product.

Application Security Testing

86% of all websites tested by WhiteHat Sentinel in 2015 had at least one serious vulnerability, and 56% had far more than one.

Application security assessment is a crucial part of application security. Vulnerabilities often can lead to a lapse of security and loss of important information.

Allerin implements intelligent and robust security assessment measures to make sure that the application is tested for vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Allerin implements all security audit approaches to ensure maximum protection against exploits, which includes white box, black box and grey box testing. The testing mechanism implemented by Allerin is integrated with the best industry practices like Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to ensure maximum protection for your web application. The benefit of using the application security testing by Allerin includes:

  • Identification of imperfections in security measures early, which saves our client future costs and improves the overall quality of the application.
  • Ensuring that the application is in compliance with major security standards.


Information Gathering

The first phase of any security assessment starts with information gathering. Allerin indulges in information gathering to collect as much information as possible about the application in question. Allerin uses a wide variety of tools, which also includes public tools to uncover the existing exploits in the system.

Configuration Management

In order to make an application secure and free from exploits, it is required that the configuration of the server is examined in explicit detail. Allerin implements methodologies to evaluate the the application platform and its readiness.

Secure Transmission

Allerin tests whether all points starting from the login page to the logout page and everything in between are encrypted and served in HTTPS.


Allerin tests for stringent security measures like password complexity, password rotation and email verification coupled with best industry practices to check whether the application is accessed only by intended personnel and individuals who are authorised to access certain parts of the applications.

Session Management

Allerin tests whether sessions are secured to protect against unauthorised access. This is done by testing various parameters such as session ID length, cryptographic creation of session ID, inactivity time out, security flags, etc.


Having the correct authorisation process is essential to application security, as it ensures that the authenticated user has the appropriate privileges to access the content of the application. Allerin implements best industry practices to ensure that the right controls are in place to validate user’s authorisation.

Data Validation

An efficient data validation mechanism in place ensures that the application is robust at all times against all forms of data that is entered. Allerin implements best data validation practices to ensure the integrity of the data entered.

Denial of Service

Allerin uses different testing methodologies like vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to ensure that the application is capable of handling service attacks like DOS or DDOS.


Allerin tests whether state of the art encryption and cryptographic techniques have been used to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the sensitive user data.

Web Service

Web services require to be protected at multiple levels. Allerin tests whether the security measures necessary to ensure the integrity of the services are in place. These security measures include communication security, ensuring message freshness, protection of message integrity, protection of message confidentiality and access control.


HTML 5 is a latest and greatest iteration of the HTML markup language and Allerin understands how important it is to implement HTML 5 in a secure manner. Allerin tests security parameters in all the important APIs like communication APIs, including web messaging, cross origin resource sharing, websockets, server-sent events, etc.

Error Handling

We test to ensure that the error handling code assures that the application fails safely under any possible error conditions. This way, no loss of sensitive information occurs when an application fails.

Industry/Organisation Specific Risks and Vulnerabilities

Allerin uses testing methodologies that are specific to the needs of the industries/organisation that Allerin is catering to. Allerin identifies these risks early in the life cycle of the product architecture. This allows Allerin to test for specific risk events and make sure that the final product is free from related vulnerabilities.

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