Recruitment Process

Allerin is looking for creative and highly motivated people who can assess a problem and find their solutions in time. A candidate will be judged fit for our requirements on the basis of their potential and ability to work independently with minimum supervision and passion for the job.

Recruitment Process

Joining allerin is a superb step for industry professionals, and it will no doubt be a wise step for your personal development as a software developer too. Working for Allerin is not just a job - it is a career for those who want to succeed in the industry and excel at what they do.

What are we Looking?

We are looking for creative minds, highly motivated self-starter, goal driven leaders and who have the ability to find solutions to problems within an allotted time frame. Does this describe you? - Great!

How do we Recruit?

We follow a process that is common to all Allerians. Available resumes are screened and matched to the job requirements. Short-listed candidates will be called for the technical and HR interview. We do not conduct any telephonic interview.

How do we Assess?

We assess on the basis of your potential, skills, ability to work independently with minimal supervision and passion for work. If a candidate full fill all the requirements, we provide an opportunity to work with our team.

Before You Apply?

We'd love to help. If you have any query, we will assist you step by step for getting a dream job at Allerin. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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