For Freshers

Allerin provides a prepared base for talented youngsters to showcase their talents and an encouraging environment for your self-development. We give you the opportunity to build a promising career in the IT industry and become an expert at what you do.

For Freshers

Joining allerin is a superb step for industry professionals, and it will no doubt be a wise step for your personal development as a software developer too. Working for Allerin is not just a job - it is a career for those who want to succeed in the industry and excel at what they do.

Why Allerin?

Allerin has always given the acclaim for its success to the brains working behind it and mostly to the new blood that we commonly call as Fresher, interns or entry-level professionals as an industry jargon. Allerin always keeps the base prepared for the new entry to the organization to explore to the fullest and make their future successful and efficacious. Thus, here are few reasons why an entry level professional should choose working at Allerin:

Massive Platform to Explore and Make Mistake

Many of us would have heard this phrase many times “we learn by our mistakes”, however, we at Allerin follows. We encourage our people to explore, experiment and make mistakes so that we learn never to forget it. We also believe, that fresher is the most curious among the professional pool, thus emboldens them to do as much of R & D on a relevant subject as they want with proper guidance and feedback.

Exhaustive Training Related to the Technology

People at Allerin believe that if the foundation is firm, you can make skyscrapers. Thus, we make all the possible efforts to make your foundation strong so that you can always stand tall in the industry, even if there is a tremor. However, the whole training tenure also requires time, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm from your end, because one hand alone can’t clap.

Meaningful Work

We are delighted to say that all of us working in Allerin are adding value to the industry and very proudly say that we don’t undertake any support work, unlike other IT firms where under big designations people are asked to do support related tasks.

Grooms Your Personality with the Technical Skills

Sometimes when we grow in our career, our personal skills like communication, confidence, business etiquettes, etc. overpowers our expertise as we have to deal with cross country professionals, where we need to focus on the culture of the counterpart, sign language, etc. We at Allerin anticipate your potential at the initial stage of your career and prepare you to face the bigger challenges at the later stages of your professional journey.

Knowledge Not Only Related to Your Work

With the technical knowledge that is essential for your project, we also encourage our people to grasp knowledge about the latest industry trends and technology and provide full support to those who genuinely wish to put efforts and time to gain the knowledge. Internally we keep sharing knowledge for latest trends and technology through our shared resource portal, presentations given by the members who are attending these sessions, webinars, conferences, etc.

Regular Outing and Events

Getting drained out at work? No time to fun? We at Allerin make sure that does not happen with our colleagues. Every month we ensure to spend time with each other, outside the work environment. Be it dinner events where you could shake your leg with your dancing shoes on or day activities at nearby locations to explore the world beyond the work.

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