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Allerin is a premier Ruby on Rails developer; we are at the forefront of providing database services for your IT needs using a range of languages including Java, Ruby on Rails and others.


  1. Mongo DB

  2. Neo4J

  3. Oracle

  4. PostGRE

  5. MySQL

Allerin is a premier Ruby on Rails developer; we are at the forefront of providing database services for your IT needs using a range of languages including Java, Ruby on Rails and others.

We have expert executives in the popular and advanced database platforms

Deployment Platforms

  1. AWS

  2. Heroku

  3. Engineyard

  4. Softlayer

  5. Rackspace

“Cloud” is now the internet buzzword for tech developers and tech users. It is the process of linking together many larger servers for centralising data storage and access. Because it is now vital to our web experience, several competing standards have risen up to meet users’ needs and most use the flexible Ruby on Rails language.

Application Frameworks

  1. Node.JS

  2. Angular.JS

  3. Ext.JS

  4. Google Web Toolkit

  5. Jquery

Application Frameworks and Runtime Environments have become fundamental to our web experience. It is far more interactive now than it was when it broke through as emerging technology for everyday use in the mind 1990s. Today, people look for real-time interaction: through social media, social gaming and their mobile technology as hardware gets more powerful. Most of this technology today is provided through apps.

Web Programming

  1. Ruby on Rails

  2. Jruby

There are many competing programming standards in the world of web programming; as languages are superseded, something better comes along with that is more flexible, has more functionality, easier to use, cross-system compatible and has greater potential for development. Most are suitable for one function or another, and in the modern world, you need a language that can work across all of your frameworks and applications.

Front End


  2. Bootstrap/Responsive Web

  3. CSS and Javascript

  4. Ajax

  5. Responsive UX Design

Front End refers to the part of your website with which your customers will interact. For example, your online store or information service – anything that requires active participation. Front End Developers require, not just programming expertise, but also understanding of the aesthetics of design that makes interactive websites successful.

Mobile Application development

  1. iOS

  2. Objective - C

  3. SWIFT

  4. SQLite

Mobile App Development is the growth sector of the technology industry of the last few years. With so many formats and standards, and being inexpensive enough for just about anyone to develop their own apps, it is vital for businesses to have a mobile presence. Using Ruby on Rails and other open source languages and platforms, Allerin is at the forefront of mobile app development for Apple and Android products.

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Allerin builds robust and secure technology applications that provide with rich experiences and give your business critical insights. Upgrade the way your organization adapts to changes to the technology ecosystem and stay ahead of the curve with our key solutions.
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