Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a self-sustaining technology for managing and recording transactions. It includes a decentralized working methodology. Blockchain technology holds an enormous potential to revolutionize transactional business practices globally.


Blockchain technology has the ability to optimize the global IT infrastructure. It allows complex hierarchical transaction processing between participants who are using Blockchain technology by providing more comprehensive and disintermediated interactions. Thus, it helps in enabling faster and cheaper transaction processing. Blockchain is now becoming an emerging technology for businesses, industries, and public organizations as it allows instant authentication and verification of transactions. With Allerin’s intelligent services and tools, you can develop, test and deploy Blockchain applications technology.


Shared Routing Codes

Businesses in financial networks are needed to share reference data while dealing with other companies. Allerin uses Blockchain technology to provide a secure and shared record of the contract status that automatically gets updated as the purchase and delivery progresses. Using distributed ledger mechanism, we aim at creating a common view of the entire data set. Thus, it helps in providing consistent data set view that reduces errors and also adds transparency amongst participants present in the network.

Secured Financial Ledger

Audit and compliance requires a complete record of all transactions that are made over a period of time. Using Blockchain technology, Allerin aims at providing records transactions from varied range of financial systems and sources that are tamper-proof. This helps in creating a trusted financial audit trail. We aim at providing optimum privacy features that ensure authorized user access.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Allerin performs internal analysis and assessment of the internal and external forces that govern your organization’s go-to-market strategy and identify creative and effective ways to incorporate Blockchain to enhance your current strategy.

Organizational Readiness

Allerin aims at making your organization ready for Blockchain technology by demonstrating our solution’s technical viability while measuring the business impact it has on your organization. We provide various services such as functional and technical scoping, rapid prototyping, roadmap building, etc. for achieving the above given objective.

Execution Support

We analyze your organization’s business and functional requirements, overall management efforts and third party vendors to facilitate successful implementation of Blockchain technology and smooth third party integration

Benefits of Blockchain technology

Safe Transaction

Using Blockchain technology, your organization can ensure that transactions which are recorded in the Blockchain are immutable and transparent. Thus, it is appropriate for use cases in which security plays a major role.

Decentralized Approach

A decentralized approach allows your business to replace any trusted third party or intermediary.

Smooth Asset Exchange

Tokens used by the network facilitate your organization to exchange any physical or non-physical asset. Thus, Blockchain technology can be used for different kinds of transactions.

Lower Costs and Higher Speed

Blockchain technology helps in reducing your organization’s transaction costs and increase transaction speed.

Allerin provides you with combination of technological expertise with industry experience for analyzing potential application areas and successful implementations of Blockchain technology.

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