Big Data For Health

Proper healthcare is a human right and it is the responsibility of healthcare organizations to use the best tools to provide it. Allerin’s big data solutions for health allows you to analyze customer data so that you can structure services accordingly and reduce errors in operations.

Big Data for Health

Allerin’s big data solutions are well suited for a number of use cases in the healthcare industry for healthcare analytics. Big data is already being used by academic as well as research-focused healthcare institutions. Allerin’s big data solutions allow institutions to analyse and structure high volumes of big data in healthcare available with them with minimum effort. The solution allows healthcare organisations to reduce overhead costs for readmissions, triage, decompensation and other adverse events. It also allows for treatment optimization for diseases that might affect multiple organ systems.

Allerin’s offerings provide for a complete view of a patient’s health parameters as well as patient care. Our big data healthcare analytics give better insights into relevant clinical and nonclinical data for real-time decisions. This ultimately results in improved patient outcomes with the help of big data in healthcare.


Readmission Optimisation

Allerin’s big data in healthcare enables healthcare providers to comprehend the clinical and nonclinical factors that influence readmissions better. They empower health care providers to prevent avoidable readmissions in the most cost-effective manner. The framework allows for the development of a conditional readmission model that provides healthcare providers with a readmission risk probability before the patient even walks through the door.

Improving Health Outcomes

The use of Allerin’s big data solutions for health allows for volumes of structured and unstructured clinical and operational data to be uncovered and analysed for hidden insights. These insights shed light on a patient’s health indicators, patient/provider concerns and other issues that potentially influence patient care. These insights can be effectively turned into evidence-based knowledge to help predict and improve health outcomes in critical scenarios.

Reducing risk of Decompensation

Allerin’s big data solutions enable healthcare providers to use big data to detect patients who are at a critically high risk of decompensation. The solution analyses health imaging files in conjunction with patient records and other key health information. The solution’s algorithm is able to predict decompensation and prompt proper patient monitoring.

Treatment Optimisation

The solution enables healthcare organisations to cut costs and extract as many benefits from treatment and procedures as possible. For instance, caregivers can effectively save costs on a patient with treatments that are tailored to manage the entire organ system, rather than focusing on targeting one organ at a time. A lack of access to health records have always limited advancement in treating chronic diseases, but Allerin’s big data solutions can help healthcare providers predict the trajectory that the illness will take and offer support and insight into treatment options.

Consumer Wearables

Allerin has a smart wearable in the works, which is capable of detecting anomalies in the blood and notifying the health care professional and the user if there is any deviation from what is considered healthy or normal based on modern health care standards as well as the user’s own monitored baselines. This device allows health care service providers to capture relevant data using the wearable device and sends that data to servers for real time processing. The wearable is currently designed to work with the manual feeding of blood. However, a newer prototype aims to detect anomalies in blood through sensors embedded into the wearable.

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