Big Data Hadoop Solutions

Hadoop is one the most highly flexible storage platforms developed for distributed storage and distributed processing of large sets of data. Allerin’s Big Data Hadoop solutions help you access new sources of data for your business, such as social media, email conversations etc.

Big Data Hadoop Solutions

Big Data Hadoop services by Allerin help your business easily access new data sources and tap into many types of data, such as social media, email conversations or clickstream data, to generate value from the data. Hadoop is a highly scalable and flexible storage platform, developed for distributed storage and distributed processing of large data sets. It can store and distribute very large sets of data across many low price servers, operating in parallel. Its storage method is based on a distributed file system resulting in high-speed processing speed. It can efficiently process terabytes of data in minutes. Furthermore, Allerin’s Big Data Hadoop solutions are designed as a scale-out architecture that can store data for later use.


Big Data Analytics

Hadoop’s unique architecture allows you to collect and diagnose extremely large amounts of data from disparate sources. Data sources include internal systems such as CRM, ERP and HR software as well as external systems such as social media and other publicly available platforms. With Big Data Hadoop analytics, enterprises can assess the value of customer data, calculate holistic costs of customer acquisitions, identify the sources of data discharge, refine and enrich enterprise data and make much more informed decisions.

Platform Initialization

Allerin provides Hadoop incorporation to establish the Hadoop environment within your enterprise. We help in initializing, operationalizing and hardening the Hadoop environment. In order to enable a seamless and low-risk implementation, we also assist with installation guidance, training and mentoring for the Hadoop platform.

Data Staging for Hadoop

Data staging for Hadoop comprises of services to set up a data exploration and refining area and load data into a landing / staging area. The approach includes proper scoping of the required architecture for analytics, setting up your Hadoop repository and loading sample data sheets as per specific use cases based on client requirements.

Data Integration and Optimization

Data Integration and Optimization enables you to collate and assess structured, multi-structured and non-structured data. We evaluate and rate data loading techniques and benefits and also optimize load scripts and data load processes to make the best platform recommendations.

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