Big Data Analytics Framework

Big Data analytics assists your business to uncover patterns and correlations that may not be visible to you normally. Allerin’s Big Data Analytics Framework helps you take decisions that are driven by information and hence would enable your business to have an edge over competitors.

Big Data Analytics Framework

With the help of Allerin’s Big Big Data Analytics Framework, organisations across the board can examine big data with the intention to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information with the help of big data analytics tools. This information can be used in making faster and better decisions.

Allerin’s Big Data Analytics Framework works on top of various underlying SQL and NoSQL frameworks. Our big data analytics tools empowers organisations to analyse huge chunks of data that conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions fail to. Your organisation, with the help of this framework, can potentially accumulate billions of records of data, along with hundreds of millions of data combinations in multiple data stores and abundant formats. That amount of data can only be processed by high-performance analytics, to help you figure out what's important and what isn't and make your organisation ready for the competitive battleground that lies ahead.

Data Discovery

Allerin’s Big Data Analytics framework is unique in the industry. The data discovery enabled by the framework allows for automation of entity and relationship identification. This allows organisations to accelerate data modelling to enable your analysts to understand and leverage your distributed data assets in a much more efficient manner.


Organisations face the challenge of forecasting, planning and monitoring their business in a dynamic and volatile market on a consistent basis. Allerin’s Big Data Analytics framework provides organisations with the required big data analytics tools for faster, more accurate and more profitable decision-making abilities. This offering by Allerin is customizable, along with being intuitive for simulating market conditions, optimisation and tracking.


Allerin’s Big Data Analytics Framework allows for data access, caching and delivery capabilities. It can be configured to support any organisation’s requirement for diverse analytics. A data sandbox by Allerin includes massive parallel central processing units, high-end memory, high-capacity storage and I/O capacity. Using this, organisations can separate data experimentation and production database environments in data warehouses.

Optimisation of Queries

Allerin’s data virtualization and query optimisation algorithms based on the Big Data Analytical Framework are the fastest in the industry. These algorithms are capable of delivering timely information for efficient analytics. The query optimizer, which is a part of the framework developed by Allerin, is capable of processing complex analytical queries to give in-depth customer and organisational insights.

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