Big Data Analysis

Allerin is an established player in big data analysis services for enterprises of all sizes. Our specialized solutions include big data analysis, data visualizations and the development of applications that work on big data to provide intelligence and insights.


Data is being generated at an unprecedented scale and it is coming from every possible direction. Such a massive amount of data makes large or complex data sets and these data sets are known as Big Data. Allerin’s Big Data solutions are engineered to ensure that organizations can make the most of this data, by gaining valuable insights and taking more meaningful decisions.

Volume, velocity and variety - these are the three characteristic elements of Big Data. Allerin’s Big Data engine navigates through the petabytes of data generated by your processes and systems as well as publicly available information in the form of text, images, audio, etc. to give you quick analyses and insights.

Big Data analysis is the next step for your organization. Where lightning-fast data processing and equally fast data storage and updates are now the norm for organizations of all sizes, choosing the right Big Data tool and vendor is critical to your business.

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