Social Media Marketing Executive

A social media marketing executive is expected to develop a social media strategy and manage all of Allerin’s social media accounts. The candidate should be a team player and showcase modern communication skills.

Place of employment: Navi Mumbai, India.
Employment type: Full-time.


  • Develop an integrated social media strateg.
  • Manage facebook, twitter, Instagram accounts.
  • Plan and execute social media campaigns that have high impact, relevant and represent the brand.
  • Plan and execute promotions and give-aways via social media.
  • Contact bloggers from IT industry around the world, who could publish articles and reviews products.
  • Send product samples to bloggers and review contents as required and share posts.
  • Seek out PR, Product Placement opportunities both online and print media and organise press release, articles and product reviews.
  • Plan and formulate weekly customer newsletters.
  • Manage company website blogs.

Desired Skills and Experience:

We're looking for a Social Media Executive who has a sound understanding of this kind of role, even though they are relatively junior (or even fresher) in their career. Ideally, you will have a marketing or English related degree, and will have gained some good experience with Social Media, in your professional as well as personal life. We are unable to accept applications that have no evidence of accument in social media experience, so please show it off on your CV! Perhaps you ran a Facebook group at university or helped with social media channels as part of an internship.

You will be a real team player and an excellent communicator. We are looking for someone who understands what a fantastic opportunity this is, and who looks to make the absolute most of it!


Should be able to appear for personal interview in our office at Navi Mumbai. Do not apply if you can not appear for personal interview. No telephone round will be conducted.

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