Website Development

You can enhance your online presence with the help of a well designed and maintained website, which will help increase your scales. Allerin’s website development services will enable you to have a better reach to your customers.

Website Development

In this new age world of internet, it is a cardinal sin for businesses to not have a proper website. Websites help your business gain more online presence and, in turn, help in sales. Today, the internet is filled with numerous websites with tonnes of products and services. You need to stand out from that crowd to attract attention of the customer. Allerin believes that our website development services enable your website to reflect your business’s ideologies and vision, generate leads and provide a great customer experience.

Salient Features

Allerin can transform heritage software into high-performance, easy-to-use applications that are designed to respond quickly to changing business needs. Our offerings include:


A website should not be just an aesthetically pleasing, well targeted show, but also provide useful information. At Allerin we put special focus on how our website development is going to achieve a balance between the two. This is necessary for a good user experience and SEO as both content and structure of a site are considered while ranking.


A website that has a user-friendly navigation scheme is much more useful and alluring. We make use of easy-to-understand and logical terms for various pages according to their function. Important links are also easy to find and are given logical and simple labels.

Webpage Speed

Most of the people today lose patience quickly when visiting a slow website. The longer your website takes to load its features, the more likely a person will leave it before it fully renders. All the beautiful graphics and content become useless.

We at Allerin try to minimise all the controllable factors which slow down the website speed by using reliable hosting, proper code and optimised graphics.

Mobile Versions

People browse from their smartphones with intent; they are looking for something in particular. This increases the chances of your products being noticed and bought immediately. With 70% customer ‘task completion’ within one hour on mobile sites, a mobile friendly website can positively impact your sales.

Platform and Device Compatibility

We believe that a website should easily render on any type of resolution, screen size and browser, and all of the available mobile devices. The variety of browsers and platforms which are now used for viewing present a challenge for developers, but we are accustomed to handling them and our developers always find a way to fulfil the requirements of the website.

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