Retail Software Solutions

Allerin’s retail software solutions help you manage your retail business in the most technologically sound way as possible. With our solutions, you can manage your inventory, manage product lifecycles and do a lot more to increase your productivity.

Retail Software Solutions

Allerin helps you to have the right retail software solutions for your organization according to your business’s requirements. From managing your inventory, reordering products, tracking consumer purchasing habits to more, Allerin’s retail software solutions ultimately lead to an increase in your overall productivity.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

To provide a quick and easy purchasing experience is one of the key differentiators to your business. We believe an effective POS software needs to handle multiple payment options smoothly, regardless of where the transaction takes place. It integrates with your POS hardware to allow the cashier to input items, scan the product barcode, check and credit processing and print receipts / invoices.


Streamlining your accounting processes is one of the most underrated opportunities to lower your retail business’s overhead costs. A total retail accounting solution will provide functionality to manage account payable transactions, bank reconciliations and fixed asset depreciations. You would be able to create an auditable record of all the purchase histories by tightly integrating cross-platform sales channels and accounting. You’ll be able to document assets and liabilities, as well as expenses and revenues in your general ledger.


The Customer Relationship management (CRM) module enables you to turn customer information, such as sales histories, into actionable business intelligence. A CRM system can help provide your customer service representatives with personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on the customer’s previous purchases. CRM modules may also have the ability to execute emails directly and also direct social media based marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

A retail software solution can also help you track and access critical product information with the help of inventory control and management. Typical information that will be tracked by the management solution includes item titles, SKU numbers, product descriptions, supplier SKUs, stock counts, item locations and pricing. You can add further product fields according to their requirements.


An effective purchasing software can not only help your organization meet customer demands in a better way, but also manage supplier relationship in a better way so as to negotiate lower costs and improved business terms. A more sophisticated purchasing system will integrate with inventory management system to give alerts when the stocks are low.

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