Mobile App Development

Smart phones have completely changed our way of life in the past few years. A mobile app can be critical in bringing people together and improving collaboration. Allerin offers a range of choices in mobile application development across all modern platforms.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have changed the way people work and collaborate. Be it a small, medium or big business, everybody is going mobile – to increase customer engagement, to offer superior customer, to enable employee mobility or to increase productivity. High quality app developers are required by all businesses for that purpose.

However, even for experienced app developers, building an enterprise mobile app isn’t easy. Challenges include:

  • building mobile apps catering to multiple platforms and devices,
  • easy adaptability to infrastructure and architecture changes,
  • integration with existing applications within the organization, and
  • implementing security controls, especially on BYOD devices


Allerin takes a device agnostic approach to deal with the fragmentation of the devices that range from smartphones to tablet computing devices as well as desktop and notebook computers.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Allerin extends its agile methodology to mobile applications by using Rapid Application Development (RAD) to develop an app that is quickly demonstrable to stakeholders for further refinement. Our app developers provide seamlessly integrated enterprise mobile apps that improve efficiency by enabling secure mobility. Once developed, our mobile applications go through thorough testing by our app developers before being deployed to ensure perfect functionality and intuitive user experience along with tight security controls.

Industry Packages

Allerin provides customizable industry packages for various operational processes belonging to the Banking, Travel & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Energy and Retail industry verticals.


We develop cross-platform mobile applications for all major mobile platforms, including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WebKit
  • Titanium
  • Smart TV platforms
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