Insurance App Development

New technology helps insurance companies streamline processes, optimize claims and create an enhanced experience for their customers. With the right insurance application development partner in Allerin, your organization can stay ahead of competition with the right software tools.

Insurance Application Development

In the rapidly changing world of insurance, insurance application is development has to be more robust and more adept. Insurance technology has to keep up with changing methods of capturing and analysing data. With Allerin, your business can purchase customizable insurance software or request for completely fresh insurance application development for bespoke requirements.


  • Insurance Workflow Automation helps you to keep the workflow simple and smooth at every step. It eliminates the need to keep re-inputting the data.
  • Policy tracking enables you to manage every policy effectively. You can also have trigger points set for upselling.
  • Agent management and activity tracking helps you to keep a track of performance and targets of your teams.
  • Claims processing to thoroughly review the claim filed by an insured party. Business intelligence to analyze data so that actionable information can be derived and


A lot of sensitive information is handled by an insurance company; hence your software needs to be protected from data breaches. We use security controls to ensure that the risk of your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands is mitigated.

Mobile Application

Consumers’ expectations are on the rise for connected mobile services with the advent of smart devices and appliances. The time is ripe for you to start producing mobile applications that are at par with industry standards and your customers’ expectations. We also offer timely enhancements / improvements to the mobile application to stay with the times and assure updated security.

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