Financial Software Solutions

The financial services industry needs to take special care in deploying a new software application and are thus often found using legacy software solutions that have many constraints. Allerin delivers configurable and secure systems that help you with operations while keeping an eye on compliance.

Financial Software Solutions

Many organizations today are using legacy financial software solutions or trying to make do with what they have. Having the right financial software solution that caters to your operational requirements and budgets allows you to report better, file taxes better and make decisions better. We at Allerin thoroughly understand your needs and requirements before building financial software that cater to your expectations.


General Accounting

Manage your finances with simple ledger entries, get complete visibility of your business with Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements, monitor cash flow, revenue and profits, track sales and expenses, generate invoices and more.


Allerin’s easy to implement budgeting solutions for your business help you make conscious decisions about how you prefer to allocate your money.

Financial Reporting

Make accurate reports with proper representation of your assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and cash flow.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Keep a track of all the payables and receivables, along with ageing reports, to maintain your accounts in the most efficient manner.

Procure to Pay

Allerin’s procure to pay systems let your organization have control over the entire life cycle of the procurement transaction. You have control over the proceedings right from when the transaction is conceived till the payment is cleared.

Order to Cash

An order to cash cycle consists of many sub-processes such as documentation of the order, scheduling of the service, invoice creation, settlement of the payment etc. Oversee all these processes with ease and stay updated with all the proceedings of the process.

Asset Management

Get help with deployment, operation, maintenance, upgrades, etc. and dispose of assets cost-effectively in the best way possible.

Financial Risk and Compliance

Maintain accountability with configurable audit logs for all transactions to help your with risk and compliance reporting.

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