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The automotive industry is a constantly progressing industry. This industry is now driving innovation and global technological advancement and, as a result, today’s automobiles are providing its customers with technology that has never been more sophisticated and reliable.

Yet, automotive manufacturers are confronted with the challenge of increasing complexity, with an increase in new products and options being introduced to the market, shorter technology cycles, increasing pressure to innovate, and global supply networks. Additionally, they need to balance the needs and demands of customers, investors, regulators, and the public. Some broad challenges in the automotive industry are:

Granularly Segmented Product Lines

Different user groups are preferring vehicles that are geared towards their specific needs. Thus, an increasing demand for customization brings the challenge of managing diverse product lines, with multiple product feature variants.

Increasingly Rigorous Standards

To ensure the overall quality of road vehicles, governments around the world lay down stringent regulatory requirements that are getting stricter in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions, software, product safety, and reliability. Regulatory bodies have made it mandatory for car manufacturers to include safety features in their vehicles that were previously optional add-ons. This has resulted in additional costs to automotive developers.

Increasing Emphasis on Electronics & Software

Software content results in an increasing portion of the cost, as well as the features that are offered by cars. Implementation of embedded devices and software is increasingly used in expanding the capabilities of road vehicles. This kind of transformation requires automotive companies to shift their attention from manufacturing, and gain knowledge in new technological fields.

Allerin’s Solution Features

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Conceptual Design

Allerin’s Big Data solution focuses on gathering data throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. Auto manufacturers can use our Big Data solution to shape the designing of the future vehicle. Using our solution, manufacturers can tweak and tune every part of the vehicle. Our solution can leverage real-world data collected from different sources, thereby enabling manufacturers to enhance fundamental elements of vehicles such as safety, aerodynamics, and performance.

Drawing Board

Today, consumer sentiment and information gathered from actual driving statistics greatly impacts the features included in new car designs. Allerin’s Big Data solution helps manufacturers gain efficiencies in design, production volumes and manufacturing, thereby allowing manufacturers to provide economically feasible options in the market.


Our Big Data solution focuses on optimizing supply chain management that will help manufacturers in bringing new efficiencies from the procurement process.


On the assembly line, our solution gathers data throughout the building process. This data is later used in predictive analytics for improving manufacturing simulations and keeping tabs on machine performance, thereby making the next assembly line even more efficient and flexible.

Benefits of Allerin’s Solution

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Better Designing and Manufacturing

Design errors grow more costly as they advance from sketch to assembly into production. Allerin’s Big Data solution can help in finding a flaw while still in the blueprint stage, thereby preventing costly do-overs or recalls later.

Effective Maintenance

Better data can help manufacturers enhance their vehicles’ functionalities. Our solution can help in monitoring the status of everything from brakes to window washer fluid. Such early warnings can help manufacturers in replacing parts before these machines fail, leading to less interruptions during the manufacturing process.

Accurate On-the-Fly Upgrades

Our solution can help manufacturers in determining how future iterations of the vehicle will be made. By mining data from warranty repairs, our solution can help automotive companies to perform advanced cost-performance analysis.

With our Big Data solution, automotive companies will have the strategic data and intelligence for developing new applications, thereby making them smarter and providing complete solutions rather than providing stranded static data in empty point software products.

Our automotive solutions team can help manufacturers identify their specific pain points and tweak our solution accordingly. Our solution will, thus, help you take better business decisions and react faster during critical times while eliminating human intervention in routine activities. To know more about our solution, contact Allerin .

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