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What does giving 100% efforts to your work means

Minimal effort will lead to minimal results. Through the effort, we can get the real value of our work. Effort is something one can personally judge and giving energy all the time does not mean it will result in the …

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How job hopping at the initial stage of career can impact future growth

Changing jobs frequently at the starting of the career has so many adverse effects. Through working in different jobs, one can expose to new things and gain experience of working in the different domain. However, job-hopping is something that is …

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How Ruby on Rails a better choice for faster career growth for fresh graduates

A world of coding where configuration is minimal, and it doesn’t take much time to develop an application! Ruby on Rails is an open source web application written in Ruby programming language. It provides a platform to develop an app …

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Inline Updatable Input Fields

While working on rails applications, we face the requirement of,  updating some attributes of an object without reloading page, quite often. For example updating a value of a record in the grid by checking or unchecking a checkbox. Often  time …

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Performance issues: Rails Application Part-1(Frontend)

When we develop web applications like Ruby on Rails with rich web page designs, it means more scripts, stylesheets, images, and Flash in the page. Speed of application is inversely proportional to page load. More the page load, slower is …

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Oracle charset – Issues with Unicode data storage in Rails

Working with Oracle database supported application, which we want to internationalize, and then  ‘charset’ is crucial factor to provide Unicode storage ability. If we are going to internationalize a new project then we can start by creating a Unicode supported …

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Challenges faced in Internationalizing a rails Application

While working with one of our Ruby on Rails applications, I wanted to Internationalize the application with full support to Unicode data to be displayed and stored in database. Here are some Highlights:   Following Gems are good to be …

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Few considerations before Internationalizing an Application in Rails

In the today’s era of Globalization, any application developed should be such that it can target user groups across the world. Dealing with the different user groups in different geographical regions means dealing with many different languages to be supported …

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Unicode Supported Regular Expressions & Validations

In any application, validations play an important role in protecting application from invalid data to be saved into the database. There  are several ways of validating data before it is saved into the database.  We can apply native database constraints, …

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Multi-tenancy in Rails

What Multi-tenancy means, In simple definition it is a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software serves multiple client organizations. Here client organizations are considered as a tenant. With a multi-tenant architecture, the software application is designed virtually to partition its data and configuration so that each client organization works with a customized virtual application instance.

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